So what exactly is tantouring?

It's a new concept in the beauty industry that combines tanning and contouring in one, meaning you take your self-tanner and apply it as you would using a contouring product. This gives you the tan you want, including proper definition and lasts longer than your makeup bronzer.

Below are 3 tips on how to Tantour your face:

1.  Always prep your skin.

Just like you would do with your body when you self-tan, you should always prepare your skin for application. Remove all makeup and exfoliate your skin.
We recommend using a gentle scrub to help buff away dry skin.

2.  Choose your tool.

For the best tantouring experience we recommend using a contour brush.  Keep it tucked away from your regular makeup kit in order to not confuse it with your regular daily wear. Pump a bit of the mousse onto your mitt and dip the brush into the mousse.  If you've never tried tantouring before, start off light, you can always build. 

Start at the temple and create a number 3, going down to the cheek bone and then to the jaw line.  Once you've completed that area you can lightly go down the side of the nose and top of the forehead. Just like applying the tan to your body, leave it on overnight, wash your face in the morning and apply your makeup for the day.

3.  Don't stress if you mess up.

Honestly, it's pretty easy to fix.  If you've put the tanner on the face and realized you put too much, take a dry face cloth and buff the tanner in a small circular motion.  Also, keep in mind that when you tantour your face, it doesn't last as long as the self tan on your body since most people tend to wash their face more thoroughly daily.  On average, reapply the LuxeBody Bronzing Mousse every 3 days or so to maintain the contoured look.

Our Mission

To bring a natural looking Caribbean tan to women around the world. Our natural bronzers are perfect for a simple at-home application that will leave you with a flawless bronzing result. "Bringing the Caribbean to you!"

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